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The Department of Pharmacology  was founded in 1945. Professor  S. Lealicov was the first head of the department (1945-1948). He was succeeded by N. Harauzov, Associate Professor, who headed the Department and was the rector of State Institute of Medicine (SIM) in the same period  (1948-1951).  In   1951 – 1952 the Department was headed by famous scientist  A. Zubcov.  Lecturer M. Ter-Stepanov (1952-1958), professor V. Chernov (1958-1961), professor S. Lealicov (1961-1966), associate professor Matcovski C. (1966 – 1968), professor  E. Muhin (1968-1988) also headed the department.

In 1980 in conformity with order of the Rector of SIM nr. УП-130 of 15.12.1979 the course of Clinical pharmacology was introduced in the curriculum.  The chair of  Clinical  Pharmacology  was founded in  1982 based on  order of the MSSR  No.  703 of  19.10.1982 about including “clinical pharmacology” as an obligatory discipline in the curriculum.  After  that,  the  Rector of SIM  issued  order nr.   УП -134 of 29.11.1982 on the foundation of the chair of clinical pharmacology of 15 11.1982.

In October 1988 the Department of Pharmacology was merged with  the chair of Clinical Pharmacology in to the  Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology,  the latter being intended for teaching clinical pharmacology  at the  university level of education for students of the 5 and 6 years, and post-university (residents, continuing post-university training) education,  organized and led by Honorary Worker of Science, twice Laureate of the State Award, corresponding member of the Moldavian Academy of Sciences , Professor,  Victor Ghicavîi .

Employees of the  department work in the following public health institutions: MI Republican Hospital,  MI Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 1,  MI Municipal Hospital for Children “V. Ignatenco “,  MI Hospital of Ministry of Health (gastroenterology department),  MI National Scientific and Practical Center for Emergency Medicine (Section neurosurgery No.1),  MI Municipal Hospital “St. Archangel Michael “( therapy section),  MI Oncological Institute, MI Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery .

The service “clinical pharmacology” in Moldova and training of specialists in clinical pharmacology starts with issuing  order No. 97 of 04.02.1999 “On approval of the Regulation and inclusion specialty physician-clinical pharmacologist ‘. According to order of the MH of the RM nr.493 of 22.05.2012 The Service “clinical pharmacology” has been  implemented in the   Public Health Institutions of Republic of Moldova.

The basic objectives of the service are as follows:  rational use of drugs,  ensuring  a rational purchase of drugs,  information Service,  interdepartmental quality control, rational  pharmacotherapy, prevention of pharmacotherapy complications,  detection, control and treatment of adverse effects of medications – pharmacovigilance;  development of regulatory guidelines for quality improvement by enhancing the efficiency and safety of treatment using medicinal preparations;  pharmacoeconomy-cost analysis  and the results of using drugs, that provides the ratio of drug costs and its effectiveness, Pharmacoepidemiology – supervision of contraindications and precautions, drug disease etiology, Clinical research and evaluation of new drugs based on GCP.

Scientifical  activity. The main research theme of the department is “Development of new local drugs and optimization of pharmacotherapy in some pathological conditions.”

The main directions of research are the following:

  • Experimental and clinical studies of new drug substances with antihypertensive and antihypotensive action;
  • Study of new pharmacological compounds absorbing different pathological and poisoning substances;
  • Research on drug substances of plant and entomological origin;
  • Study, optimization and individualization of pharmacotherapy of diseases and pathological conditions;
  • Drug interaction study etc..

The Department has developed and proposed for clinical use the following drug preparations: Izoturon, Difetur, Regesan, Nucina, Medicas E Carbosem, Olizin, Profetur, Metiferon, Benzituron, Entoheptin, Imupurin, Imuheptin, Adenoprosin, Doresan, Nucosan, Dovisan, Raviten, Ravimig , Raviset.

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